Patric Sandri
+41 765 922 540

Patric Sandri is an illustrator from Zurich, Switzerland.


Selected clients:

Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Diogenes, Du Magazin, Hochparterre, Das Magazin, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Times Higher Education, etc.



Programming: Pixtron

Design: Andrea Koch

© 2013

Washington Post, 2 illustrations, 2015, Info


Having trouble finding a primary care doc? Here’s what med schools are doing about it.

Wochenzeitung, various illustrations, 2015, Info


1/2: «Radical democracy is a learning process»

2/2: «Who rules how in the global capitalism?»

ETH Week, 7 illustrations «The Story of Food», 2015, Info


1/7: «The Story of Food»

2/7: «To settle into ETH Week.»

3/7: «Start understanding the complexity of the food system.»

4/7: «Framing the problem.»

5/7: «Formulate a concise problem statement.»

6/7: «Start working on solutions.»

6/7: «Focus on presenting a balanced story and solutions.»

Tagesanzeiger, «How the Digital Revolution is Changing the Economy and Our Work», 2015, Info


11 weekly illustrations

New York Observer, «Can Old and Young Really Build Lasting Friendships», 2015