Patric Sandri
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Patric Sandri is an illustrator from Zurich, Switzerland.


Selected clients:

Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Diogenes, Du Magazin, Hochparterre, Das Magazin, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Times Higher Education, etc.



Programming: Pixtron

Design: Andrea Koch

© 2017

PME Magazine, «Philosophy to the Rescue of Management»


L'OBS, «'The Game', a book by Alessandro Barrico about Digital Revolution and the Internet»


HealthLeaders Magazine, «For Profit Hospitals vs. Not-For-Profit Hospitals»


Beobachter, «Losers in Google Reviews»


Zocher & Peter Verlag, 4 Books: «Grand Slams», Info


32 illustrations for a 4-part book series by the author René Flum 

Page: 12 cm x 19 cm, 200 pages each

Coverillustrations and 7 Illustrations for each book

Concept, Illustrations and Layout: Andrea Koch & Patric Sandri


The book titles of the individual volumes serve as a starting point for the concept. Each title of a volume consists of a Grand Slam tournament location and a verse fragment. The verses in the book are detached from the tennis theme and do not refer to the book titles. The venues of the Grand Slam tournaments serve as a reference for the illustrations. The illustrations refer to numbers, facts and events around the respective tournament and tennis. Illustrations were created in which at first glance only colourful areas of colour and lines can be seen and (almost) no reference to tennis can be seen. At the end of the book the abstract illustrations are dissolved by means of a picture index, motives from the tennis world are recognized and supplemented with the appropriate information.