Patric Sandri
+41 765 922 540

Patric Sandri is an illustrator from Zurich, Switzerland.


Selected clients:

Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Diogenes, Du Magazin, Hochparterre, Das Magazin, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Times Higher Education, etc.



Programming: Pixtron

Design: Andrea Koch

© 2013

Tagesanzeiger, «How the Digital Revolution is Changing the Economy and Our Work», 2015, Info


Weekly illustrations

New York Observer, Illustrations for the Arts Opener, 2015, Info


1/2: «Test-Drive It! Dealers Increasingly Let Collectors Try Art Out Before Buying»

2/2: «The First Time I Bought Art — and What I’ve Learned Since»

Advertising Age, «Young or Old, Big Life Changes Lead to Big Buying Changes», 2015, Info


Baby-Boomer Demographic as an Emerging Market.

Wir Eltern, «Transgender Children», 2015


New York Observer, various illustrations, 2015, Info


1/2: «While the Getting is Good (Very Good)»

2/2: «The Enemy Within» USA a fundamentally conservative or liberal country?